The QuinnTemporary Art Manifesto

(Revised April 11, 2022)

QuinnTemporary Art focuses on modern day experiences that are simultaneously  noticed throughout time. Subjects such as love, independence, corruption, greed,  trauma, identity, and spirutality are all explored and illustrated within QTA. Drawing timeless ideas into a modern day  snapshot  has the potential to expose the infinite beauty of the world. We must dig for deeper truths and strive for new ways of expression. 

We believe an intense and absolute focus on timeless ideas can allow us to utilize the height of  our potential as artists. Our skills are able to expand from a  few thousand years of experience in expression.  It is also essential to combine together different historical styles into a contemporary creation, for we seek to represent a full timeless essence of the subject by encompossing many dimensions of a form  through complete analyzation and meditation. For example, a subject considered nearly timeless would be an Egg.

To paint just an egg at one point in time denies further understanding of an egg. However if we were to paint the formation of the egg, the egg in it’s prime, and then a broken egg, within one composition...then we have the story of an egg. Perhaps you could go even further,  allowing the composition to include more eggs being hatched, and so the cycle continues. By including these different forms of perspective on a subject, (time, rebirth, death) and expressing them within a combination of art styles, you create a QuinnTemporary. 

Our main goal as a movement is to push modern creativity to a new direction entirely; while simultaneously soaking up and carrying forward some of our favorite parts of art history.

Anyone can be a QuinnTemporary Artist; so long as they are sure to specify in each publication that they are publishing their own original artwork. The only other condition regarding acceptance and cross promotion among artists in the QuinnTemporary Art Movement is a requirement that publications and products  referenced as QuinnTemporary adhere to the principles, techniques, and ideals of the QuinnTemporary Art Manifesto. 

Acceptance by QuinnTemporaries to produce under the genre of QuinnTemporarey Art is always directly contigent on behavior and respect of The Quinntemporary Manifesto and QuinnTemporary Art LLC.

There are no fees associated with the QTA.

Treat each creation like a science experiment, and share your findings with the QuinnTemporary Art community so that we can pool our effectiveness in making a difference as artists. Remember the most important thing is growth as an art society.

Quinn McGuinness
QuinnTemporary Art LLC
© All Rights Reserved 2022, Michigan, United States